Water Treatment & Sewage System FAQs

Water Treatment FAQs

Where does the Town water supply come from?

The Town Water is supplied by groundwater from a well that is piped into the Water Treatment Plant.

How many wells does the Town have?

The Town has two wells, one that is online and one that is a backup.

When did the Town convert to the RO system?

The Town converted to the Reverse Osmosis System in 2006.

How many gallons of water (on average) per day is needed to supply the Town?

On average the town uses approximately 70,000 gallons per day.

What chemicals are required to treat the water to meet provincial requirements for safe drinking water?

Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) is used for disinfection.

Is training required in water treatment systems?

Yes, all Potable Water Treatment Systems must have a certified Operator as per Saskatchewan Water Security Regulations.

Why does the town do annual water line flushing?

The town does annual water line flushing to clean out any sediment in the lines and to be compliant with Saskatchewan Water Security Regulations.

Why does the water turn a rusty colour when the lines are being flushed?

The lines turn a rusty colour because it comes from sedimentation in the lines.

Sanitary Sewer System FAQ’s

Is the Foam Lake sewage system self-sufficient?


Is our wastewater treated?

The wastewater is treated naturally by the wind and sun.

Where does our household and commercial wastewater go?

Wastewater is gravity fed to a Lift Station then the wastewater is pumped to a Lagoon.

How does a lift station work?

The Wastewater Gravity flows to a Lift Station and then pumps are used to pump it to a Lagoon.

How many km of sewer mains, manholes, and main service lines run through Town?

Approximately 15 Miles of lines run through Town.

Why is it so important not to flush so-called “disposable” wipes and rags into the sewer system?

The material does not break down and can block the flow in the line. It also plugs up the sewage pumps at the Lift Stations.

How large of a population can our lagoon handle?

Our sewage system has the capacity for up to a population of 2,500.