Snow Clearing

The Town of Foam Lake will take reasonable steps to manage snow and ice hazards on public roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and primary pathways in a systematic and timely manner to prevent or reduce accidents and injuries, ensure safe access for the public and emergency vehicles, promote active transportation, and minimize economic loss to the community.

Residents’ and Businesses Snow Clearing Responsibilities

Snow clearing on sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. Where sidewalk borders parks and/or Town property, the Town of Foam Lake provides snow removal. Residents’ and businesses are encouraged to be diligent with sidewalk clearing and ice salt applications. The safety of all is a priority.

Friendly Reminder About Snow Safety

While they appear fun in a child’s mind, snow piles on the edge of roadways are unsafe. Please keep children from playing on or in snow piles that have accumulated around Town. Snow piles are unstable and there is a danger of them collapsing. There are also concerns of children sliding down onto the road and into traffic.