Bylaws Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for parking my vehicle on my residential street?

On street parking in residential areas is necessary as most households have more than one vehicle and both vehicles may not be accommodated on their property. On street parking is limited to 2 vehicles per household. Although the streets are free to be used by anyone for parking, if a vehicle is not used regularly and remains parked in one spot, it may become a hazard and hinder street cleaning or snow removal efforts. Residents are encouraged to use off street parking for vehicles that are not used regularly.

Does my neighbour have to keep their grass cut and weeds pulled?

Yes, every owner or occupant of property must control all weeds and grass on the premises including the boulevard adjoining the property as well as up to the center of the alley or lane at the rear of the premises. Grass shall be cut so as not to grow to such a height that it would be considered unsightly in comparison to adjacent or surrounding yards with the exception of “natural” grasses used in xeriscape yards.

What is considered to be an untidy/unsightly property?

“Untidy” and “Unsightly” can mean different things to different people. We always encourage our residents to keep their property free of debris and garbage of any kind. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your property is tidy.

  • Store garbage in its proper container or have it taken to the Foam Lake Transfer Station. Always ensure old furniture, appliances, and scrap metal are removed from your property as soon as possible after placing it outdoors with the intention to dispose of.
  • Children’s toys should be stored neatly when not in use.
  • Garage doors should be kept closed when garage is not in use.
  • Keep firewood neatly stacked.
  • Keep grass cut to a maximum height of 2 inches.
  • Keep flower beds and gardens free of weeds.
  • Keep fences and outbuildings in good repair.
  • Trim trees and hedges.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Do not allow excessive furniture, boxes, toys, or other items to accumulate on your porch/deck.
  • Do not use your yard as a storage area.

Can I store my recreation vehicle (trailer/motorhome/boat) on my front driveway?

The Town of Foam Lake does permit a recreation vehicle to be stored on a front driveway during the summer months and for loading and unloading, however it must be parallel to the sides of the driveway, cannot encroach onto the sidewalk, curb or roadway, and must not create a hazard for pedestrians or motorists. Recreation vehicles may be stored on private property at any location other than in a front or side yard adjacent to a roadway (ie: a back yard) during the winter months (October – April)

Does my dog have to be licensed and how much does it cost?

Yes, any dog four months of age or older must be licensed within seven days of taking up residence in the Town of Foam Lake. License fees are $15.00 per year for non-restricted breeds and $25.00 per year for Restricted Breeds. See Bylaw 5-2018.

Do I have to pick up after my dog if it defecates in an alley or off my property?

Yes, anyone walking a dog on any public property is responsible to pick up their dog’s defecation from public property which includes alleys or laneways. Even dog defecation on your own private property must be cleaned up in a timely manner so it does not become offensive to neighboring properties. See Bylaw 5-2018.

What can be done about dogs running at large?

A stray dog does not constitute an emergency; however, when Town staff have time, every effort is made to reunite the dog with its owner. If this cannot be accomplished in a timely manner, regretfully we have no other choice than to turn it into the SPCA in Yorkton, SK. The Town of Foam Lake does not have a pound or the capabilities of housing a stray animal.

Can a Municipal Enforcement Officer take away a cat that is trespassing on my property?

No, Municipal Enforcement Officers are not responsible to catch or trap cats. On occasion, the Town of Foam Lake may lend a complimentary cat trap to catch a trespasser.

Can I park my Recreation vehicle or commercial trailer on the street in Foam Lake?

Yes, trailers and recreation vehicles may be parked on the street for a period of up to 48 hours (to load and unload) while attached to a vehicle. No detached trailer or recreation vehicle may be left on the street at any time.

Can I park in the back alley?

No, any vehicle (including trailers or other vehicles) are not allowed to park in any back alley or laneway.