Community Emergency Plan

The Community Emergency Plan contains six sections, with the overall goal of describing how the municipality will respond to emergency events:

  • The Public Emergency Management Plan – This section describes the methodology and general process that the municipality will uses to respond to emergency events as well as the bylaw that established the planning process, but contains no confidential information. This section also contains information that individuals can use to create a personal/family/business plan to assist in emergency situations.
  • Council Emergency Plan – This plan is specific for Municipal Mayors/Reeves and Councilors. It describes their roles and responsibilities, how to declare a local emergency and provides background information on emergency management in general.
  • Emergency Response Plan – This plan is for the Emergency Management Organization Coordinator and the Emergency Operations Center Team members. It describes roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Operations Center Team members as well as outlining how to establish and operate the Emergency Operation Centre.
  • Emergency Information Plan – This is the crisis communications plan. It outlines the how information will be shared, including public notification and media releases.
  • Evacuation Plan – This plan is for emergency services staff who are in tactical command of an incident site(s). Their tactical operations achieve the goals and priorities of the Emergency Operations Centre and Council. This plan provides direction for escalating events from day-to-day emergencies to fully supported major disasters.
  • Plan reference section – containing contact list information for people and resources as well as forms and other emergency operations center documentation.