Foam Lake Recreation Combine Lotto

A bit of history…

In 1995, the local Recreation Centre Volunteer Management Committee were looking to organize a fundraiser to help defray operational costs for the users of the multi-use facility. What came out of the research was no small fundraiser – but the idea of raffling off a Combine -the largest and most majestic piece of equipment on the farm; used to harvest the grains seeded every year. Being an agricultural community, the organizers thought this could be a successful venture. With much effort the first year’s lottery sold out of tickets and netted the local rec centre 111,000.00 profit. The group decided to keep on with the Combine Lottery and the second year asked for partners from other recreation groups in Foam Lake. Joining the Rec Centre were the local Golf Club and the Community Hall facilities; both of whom were paying off construction debt and needed a major fundraiser to do so. These groups are still fundraising and the Foam Lake Recreation Combine Lottery has made in excess of 1,000,000 dollars since 1995 – all for the benefit of people of all ages who pursue interests in sport, culture and recreation activities; to make their lives the best they can be! A small town with a big vision and volunteers with a drive for success = the Foam Lake Recreation Combine Lottery.

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