Vision & Mission Statement


Town Vision

The Town of Foam Lake’s highest priority is to provide a high quality of life for our citizens.
To ensure that we meet the challenging needs and circumstances of the future, we will become
a leader in developing inter-municipal partnerships and alliances with our neighbouring
communities and advocate a collaborative approach to openly discussing areas of cooperation
and need.

As a friendly and progressive community with a full range of retail, health, recreation, and
education services, we will attract new residents, retain our younger population, and grow to
be a centre of population of at least 1400 persons. We are further committed in becoming a
healthy community which supports our citizens to live, learn, play, interact, work and grow
older in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

The Town shall ensure a high quality of service to our citizens by reviewing how we do business
on an ongoing basis and revise as necessary our procedures to ensure maximum efficiency and
effectiveness. This means managing public funds successfully to ensure sound and predicable

In order to ensure a successful business sector, we will ensure that we are innovative in our
approaches to attract business to our community and area, recognizing that business produces
the goods and services that provide meaningful jobs that allow other aspects of our community
to prosper. To this end, we are committed to creating a positive environment and infrastructure
that is necessary for business to grow. We shall be renowned as being a Centre of Excellence
through the provision of quality services and, amenities that will promote economic

With our formidable geographical location on the Yellow Head Highway, we will continue to see
growth on the highway corridor in our retail, commercial, and service sectors with tourism
becoming a significant contributor to our local economy.

Town Mission

The purpose of the Town of Foam Lake is to provide quality cost-effective local government
core services by allocating human and fiscal resources based on the needs of the Foam Lake