For Rent

  • Halyk Block Apartment Rentals – Call (306) 272-3593 or (306) 269-7660
  • Fontain Villa Apartments – Call (306) 560-7397
  • Foam Lake Housing Authority – Call (306) 560-8130

Halyk Block Apartment Rentals: Located on Main Street Foam Lake. This is a beautiful facility, in a great location! Call (306) 269-7660 for inquiries.
– Apartment in Halyk Block Available.  Call (306)269-7660 for more information.

Fontain Villa Apartments: Located on Knobel Bay in Foam Lake. This facility has multiple apartments for rent, most being 2 bedrooms! Call (306) 560-7397 for inquiries.

Foam Lake Housing Authority: Multiple units in Foam Lake. The Foam Lake Housing Program provides safe and adequate housing to families, seniors, and individuals with low incomes and people with disabilities. This program subsidizes rent according to the degree of financial need. For more information about how to apply call (306) 560-8130