Parks & Playgrounds

Ralls Park

Corporal Ralls Park is located on Main Street, north of the Foam Lake Water Park. The park features picnic tables beneath the many trees, a playground, and hosts the weekly Market in the Park in the summer. Ralls Park was named in Cpl. Leonard Victor Ralls’ honour, who was an RCMP Officer stationed in Foam Lake in 1928.



Centennial Park

Centennial Park is also located on Main Street, situated between businesses on the east side of the street. This small park has a stone pathway, a table, and beautiful greenery.

Northside Park

The Northside Park is a winter favourite in Foam Lake, with the Fireman’s Outdoor Rink and hill for tobogganing. The park also has a play structure with swings, slides, and other play equipment. Children and family activities are also hosted here in the summer months with Summer Recreation Programs!

Foam Lake Elementary School Playground

The Foam Lake Elementary School has two playgrounds, one on the north side of the school grounds and the other on the south side.