Foam Lake Heritage Marsh

Foam Lake Heritage Marsh was the third major wetland to be dedicated as part of the Saskatchewan Heritage Marsh Agreement. The indigenous species of waterfowl utilize the wetland and surrounding upland for nesting, molting and staging. The same habitat provides an environment for a diversity of other aquatic and terrestrial wildlife.

The 6500 acre area had been restored as an asset to present and future generations through the cooperation of adjacent landowners, Rural Municipality of Foam Lake, Foam Lake Conservation and Development Area Authority and the signatories of the Saskatchewan Heritage Marsh Agreement. Engineering works constructed by Ducks Unlimited Canada in 1985 ensure controlled water levels that benefit both wildlife and the farming community.

DSC01833 The marsh is located approximatey three miles northwest of the Town of Foam Lake and is accessible at three locations: From the south, on the road past Tri Way Fertilizer building which is 2 miles west of Foam Lake on Highway 16 or north of Foam Lake by driving along 310 Highway and then west from the corner of Bertdale school located (about 3 miles) or by driving one more mile north on 310 and the west one mile.

This last described access is where Foam Lake groups are presently constructing a nature observation point and boardwalk.

The marsh is a large staging area in the fall for thousands of geese, ducks, cranes and swans on their southward migration. Hunters from all over North America take advantage of the hunting opportunities presented by the birds, which utilize the Heritage Marsh on their migration.

The Heritage Marsh also presents an excellent opportunity for Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts who wish to view the wide variety of birds and animals that inhabit the marsh year round.

Reprinted with Permission from Foam Lake Review