Covid Update from Leisure Services

Here is a quick update regarding Covid vs Recreation in Foam Lake! :

REC FACILITIES – Masks are mandatory, and you must sign in and sanitize each time you enter the facility. Please follow all posted signage in each facility!
HALL WALKING – Yes – you can still hall walk Monday to Friday from 9am-12noon. Masks are mandatory, and only 8 people allowed at a time.
SHOOT AROUND – No – we are not offering Shoot Around between now and December 17 (the next Government of SK update)
PUBLIC SKATE – Paused at the Rink for now until Dec 17
OUTDOOR RINK – Open – for public skaters only. NO shinny is allowed between now and Dec 17. All skaters must be 3m apart at all times and 8 skaters to the ice only.
WALKING TRAILS – Working on this! Please do not walk on existing cross country ski trails! We will be widening Cross Country ski trails soon to allow for walking in the campgrounds. We are also creating a simple walking trail in the Lions Grounds. This will be done AFTER December 11 events. We realize the community will be looking for more outdoor winter activity and are excited to drum up fun ways to stay active!
ACTIVE LIVING CENTRE – Open Monday to Friday 4-9pm – staff will be onsite to walk you through Covid Screening each time you enter
MORE QUESTIONS? – I may not have all the answers but would be happy to chat! Please feel free to call me directly at 306-272-3538, or email!