Library Board Expressions of Interest

As per Section 39 of The Public Libraries Act (1996) which states “For the purpose of developing the local library in a municipality that participates in a regional library agreement, the councils of the municipalities whose residents use that local library shall appoint a local library board consisting of not less than five and not more than 15 members, including: (a) the regional library board members of each municipality whose residents use the local library; and (b) any other members that the councils of the municipalities appoint on an annual basis,” the Town of Foam Lake invites expressions of interest in sitting on the local library board for a one year term starting January 2020! Expressions of interest from representatives of surrounding communities that utilize the Parkland Regional Library in Foam Lake are encouraged.

Please submit expressions of interest in writing at the Town Office, by mail, or by email:

Town of Foam Lake
Box 57
Foam Lake, SK S0A 1A0