Residents must make application for water and sewer services with the Town of Foam Lake. You may make application in person or contact our office and the application form can be sent out to you. Each application shall be accompanied by the payment of a utility deposit in the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150.00) for a 5/8” meter only; where the meter size is in excess of 5/8”, the deposit shall be the cost of the meter; said utility deposit to be held by the municipality against consumption charges and to be applied against the final billing on a premises.

For further information please contact the town office at (306) 272-3359.

Water: Provided by two wells
Reverse osmosis with post chlorination
Peak Demands – 300,000 gal/day, Average – 100,000 gal/day
Rates: $66.00 basic quarterly charge for first 5,000 gals. $8.25 for every 1000 gals. over basic amount.
Flat rate of $40.00 per residence.

Sewer: Aerobic System
Natural Treatment
16 Million gallons Capacity
Rates: $44.00 basic quarterly charge, or 2/3 of the water charge per quarter.

Garbage Disposal: Weekly service in residential area and daily in commercial area.
Landfill hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sask Power – 1-888-757-6937
Sask Energy – 1-800-567-8899
Sask Tel – 1-800-727-5835
Access Communications – 1-866-363-2225