Protective Services (For all emergencies, call 911)

  • Fire Department: Call 911 if an emergency. If you have general questions call Scott at (306)269-7166. The Foam Lake Fire Department consists of 23 volunteer fighters, two fire trucks and one rescue unit.
  • Police: Ph: 272-6660 The RMCP are a part of the Wadena detachment and consist of 8 police officers.

Medical Services

  • Foam Lake Health Centre: 715 Saskatchewan Ave E. Ph: 272-3325
  • Foam Lake Jubilee Nursing Home: 421 Alberta Ave. E. Ph: 272-3235
  • Shamrock Ambulance Care: Ph: 272-3622
  • Foam Lake Pharmacy: 407 Main St. Ph: 272-3272
  • Wan-Dor Inn – Personal Care Home: Ph:272-3730


Handi Van Users

“A User is a person who cannot travel with dignity and comfort by a regular means of transportation.”

  • A user may be disabled; or
  •  65 years of older

The Handi-van is not a taxi and is government subsidized for disabled persons and must not be used for anything else the government subsidy does not approve.