All prices current as of January 1, 2019

*may be subject to change

FOAM LAKE COMMUNITY HALL 321 Chant Street 306-272-4811
MAIN HALL Dance Recital, Concert 50.00 hr
MEETING AREA Meetings, small socials 25.00 hr
KITCHEN USE Add 50.00 flat
Local Regular User Groups
YOUTH 6.00 hr
ADULT 12.00 hr
TOURNAMENT (local host) 18.00 hr
TOURNAMENT (non-local host) 25.00 hr
Weddings, Large Events 650.00 flat
Includes use of facility and kitchen from Friday at 1pm to Sunday 3am
Gift Opening Includes 4 hours 100.00 flat
Gift Opening w/kitchen use Includes 4 hours + kitchen 150.00 flat
Early entrance fee before 1pm Friday 25.00 hr
Sunday clean-up 40.00 hr
Graduation with Mezzanine 700.00 flat
Funeral Only 200.00 flat
Funeral with lunch/kitchen use 250.00 flat
Prayers day before refer to basic hourly rates
Fall Suppers Church, Water Park 150.00 flat
Includes day before cooler use and food drop off, and entrance from 8am event day
Early entrance cooler use 25.00 day
Includes any cooler use before contracted time
* All events within the Foam Lake Community Hall must be concluded and all patrons evacuated no later than 3:00am.