Leisure Services Office is located within the Town Office – 402 Cameron Street

Leisure Services Director – Jaime Helgason

Phone: 306-272-3538

Fax: 306-272-3738

Email: foamlakerec@sasktel.net

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Foam Lake Leisure Services strives to “Ensure that all individuals, in all sections of the community are given the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives through maximum use of all public facilities and open spaces; and to provide fulfillment of leisure values through recreation, sport, social and cultural services.”


We are an In Motion Community!

Foam Lake Streets are an “In Motion Zone”

The Town of Foam Lake and Leisure Services wish to remind all vehicle drivers that our community has been declared an “In Motion” Community.
(“In Motion” is a province wide movement to promote increased physical activity and healthy lifestyles to all our citizens)

By declaring Foam Lake “In Motion”, this means our streets could be “In Motion Zones” …where walkers, bikers, joggers, roller bladers and other forms of physical activity utilize the roadways for exercise.

Here are some common safety tips for vehicles and for people In Motion on our streets. If everyone follows these basic safety guidelines, both motor vehicles and “In Motion” citizens may be safe on the roads.

Tips for In Motion Citizens:
• All people In Motion on the street should be alert and aware of motor vehicle traffic.
• Bikers should stay off the sidewalks. Side-walks are meant predominately for pedestrians
• Bikers should obey all stop and yield signs on the streets as well as utilize hand signals.
• Bikers are encouraged to wear helmets
• Walkers should walk on: a) sidewalks b) facing oncoming traffic (this means you would walk nearest your left hand curb)
• Rollerbladers & skateboarders that are on the street should obey the vehicle rules of the road and travel by your nearest left had curb facing oncoming traffic.
• Rollerbladers & skateboarders should wear appropriate protective gear in case of falls.
• All people In Motion on streets should wear reflective/bright clothing if out in dusk/dark conditions.

Tips for People Driving Motor Vehicles:
• Please keep alert and your in-town speed to a minimum to avoid any potential accidents with In Motion people on the roadways
• Reduce vehicle speed…especially near or by our school zones, our parks and outdoor recreation areas and facilities.
• Please respect the fact that our community has been declared In Motion and in many cases be prepared to yield the right of way to people on foot participating in physical activity.



We strive to keep information current – if you happen see something that needs updating, please feel free to give the Leisure Services Office a call at 306-272-3538 or email foamlakerec@sasktel.net