321 Chant Street – Located on the upper mezzanine in the Communty Hall

306-269-7551, Brooke Collison, or 306-269-7716 Dave Collison –  Active Living Centre Supervisors

The Foam Lake Active Living Centre is a membership-based organization that offers a full range of cardio machines, weights, a 7-station fitness circuit for a 30 minute workout, and much more!

The center is open extended hours to meet the needs of most.

For a tour or for more information please call numbers above.


Daily:  8.00

Monthly:  60.00

3 Months:  165.00

1 year:  37.50 one-time membership fee, 19.95 bi-weekly

2 year: 37.50 one-time membership fee, 17.95 bi-weekly


September – June:  Monday-Saturday  6:00am – 9:00pm

July – August:  Monday – Friday  6:00am – 9:00pm