May 29, 2017


  • Effective June 1st, 2017, shingles will be accepted at the Foam Lake Landfill. Tipping fees will apply. 
  • Please refrain from placing grass clippings in with your household garbage; this causes contamination of the load and the town is levied a fine that you as a rate payer are responsible for. Your assistance is cruial for the town to not raise taxes due to fines that can be avoided. Thank you for your pending assistance.
  • Any trees, shrubs, or hedges that are over hanging or crowding sidewalks need to be trimmed by property owner. If they are not trimmed back by June 15, 2017, Public works will trim these back and the property owner will be charged for the work. 
  • The town will pick up bagged grass clippings and leaves in clear plastic bags only on Mondays & Thursdays 8AM, weekly. Weight restriction is 30 pounds. Please do not place other items in these bags; doing so will result in the bag(s) not being collected. Clear plastic bags may be picked up at the town office during regular working hours for free.
  • Grass, leaves, acorns and tree trimmings may be taken to the Landfill free of charge.
  • Those interested in having their own garden plot in the planned Foam Lake Community Garden space, contact Bryce Wunder for more information at (306) 621-0061.
  • Elm tree pruning ban April 1 to August 31.
  • Foam Lake Landfill hours of operation are: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9AM – 5PM. All compostable materials as well as tree trimmings can be taken to the landfill for no charge. Landfill contact number is 306-269-7716.
  • The next date for recycle collection for residential properties is Wednesday May 31st.
  • The next date for recycle collection for commercial properties is Thursday June 8th.