March 27, 2017


  • New Landfill contact number is 306-269-7716. 
  • Recycling Concerns: Glass is not accepted in any recycle container. Saskatchewan is not set up to recycle glass. Commercial Bins: trash & wood is being placed in these bins along with Styrofoam these are not accepted items and contaminate the loads, which generates a fine for the Town or business owner.  
  • Commercial bin users are responsible for inspecting their own bins and removing the trash (contaminate) 
  • Those interested in having their own garden plot in the planned Foam Lake Community Garden space, contact Bryce Wunder for more information at (306) 621-0061.
  • We encourage all Home Businesses that operate in the Town of Foam Lake to acquire a business license. Available at the Town Office. 
  • Elm tree pruning ban April 1 to August 31. Residents are reminded to refrain from trimming or pruning elm trees during this time so as to prevent the spread of Dutch elm disease.
  • Foam Lake Landfill hours of operation are: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9AM – 5PM. All compostable materials as well as tree trimmings can be taken to the landfill for no charge.
  • The next date for recycle collection for residential properties is Wednesday April 5th.
  • The next date for recycle collection for commercial properties is Thursday March 30th.