Last Day for Compost Pickup

Compost pickup began on May 6th! Pickup will continue every Monday and Thursday for the duration of the summer at the curbside. Please ensure your compost is in a clear bag. Black garbage bags or other types of bags that are not transparent will not be collected. Tree branches outside of bags will not be collected, however the Transfer Station will accept those items free of charge on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Last day for compost pickup will be October 17, 2019.

Water Line Flushing

Water line flushing will take place from May 14 to 17. You are reminded that the sediment in the lines is stirred up during this time and can create problems for laundry as water may be somewhat discolored. To reduce the sediment from entering your household lines, refrain or reduce water consumption during this time.